Before starting work we go to the object, perform measurements, study all the features, prepare technical specification for the work.

All subsequent work is divided into several stages.
A planning stage, include:

- Performance measurement object;
- Analysis of the characteristics of the facility;
- Zoning;
- Development of options for planning decision with furniture and equipment;

- Sketches of the premises, made by hand

Style stage.

Following the approval of planning decision we begin to develop different versions of the object with the wishes of the customer.
Discussing with our ready designs, the customer selects the most appropriate option.Next is a more detailed elaboration of the sketch to its full accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Style stage includes:
- Three-dimensional modeling of the premises;
- Development of policy options artistic decision;
- Detailed study of the approved style solutions.

Process stage, involves the development of documentation required for project implementation:
- Tonnage plan;
- Masonry-bound plan of sanitary appliances;
- Floor plan with furniture, zoning and indication of areas;
- Plan floors with accommodation areas, types;
- Plan ceilings with placement of levels, squares ceiling coverings;
- A plan with the placement of electrical fixtures, outlets, switches and conclusions of low-power networks;
- Scan the walls with basic decorations and colors
      (If required);
- Scan the walls of bathrooms and / y with the layout of wall coverings;
- Drawings of structural elements;
- Cutting plans, sections and units required to implement the decisions laid down by stylistic stage;
- Statement of finishing materials.

- Selection of wall coverings, selection of decorative items (wallpaper, tiles, paint, curtain rods, plates, baseboards);
- Selection of furniture, fixtures, outlets and switches;
- Selection of floor coverings;
- Selection of curtain rods and curtains;

Author's supervision

"Supervision" - control of the sponsors, the project organization for correspondence created, constructed structure design decisions taken during the design and recorded in the project.

Field supervision involves regular site visits to clarify the details of the project, as well as issues of project documentation arising from the customer or contractor.